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Convert a CSV file to GPX

A GPX file is simply a data storage format for GPS maps on a computer. GPX files use a text-based programming language, however that does not prevent the most common data in a GPX file from being able to come from a CSV or comma separated values file.

The CSV format, naturally, is not intended to represent geographic data, though, so the easiest way to read map data stored in a CSV file is to convert it to GPX.

This can be done using specialized software or it can also be done through an online service.

By applying free PoiEdit mapping application.

Steps to follow to use PoiEdit as conversion software

  1. Download and install PoiEdit from the resource link below. The application is free to use, however the programmers accept donations to support their work.
  2. Run the program and click "Create a new poi file" in the startup window that appears.
  3. Select "Open" from the File menu when the main screen appears. Select the CSV file and click "Open". You will now see the CSV map data appear on the screen.
  4. Go to "Save As" in the File menu and choose the destination folder where you want to save the GPX.
  5. Enter the name of the desired file. Next to the drop-down box marked "Save as type", select "GPS Exchange Format (*. GPX)."
  6. Click on the "Save" button. To ensure the conversion worked, exit the program and reopen it by double-clicking the GPX file.

To convert CSV to GPX using the online services, you can use any of the most popular below:

The steps are similar in both cases:

  1. Click on the button to upload the CSV file
  2. Choose the output format, in this case GPX, some services offer additional settings.
  3. Click on the conversion button.
  4. Download the converted GPX file.

Before doing this conversion, you should consider that some data may change due to the format and organization in the CSV.

File Extension Info

GPX Quick Info
  GPS Exchange Format
  application/gpx+xml   application/octet-stream
Opens with
  Trails App
  BackCountry Navigator App