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Convert Google Maps to GPX

The usual thing is that you are used to working with a route from My Maps, a very interesting Google extension, and therefore, in some cases it may be an even better option, but using Google Maps directly will give you the option of very useful functionalities such as avoid highways or view the elevation profile. In addition, you are probably more used to using "Google Maps" than "MyMaps" so without further ado, you will see how it is done step by step.

Convert a track from Google Maps to GPS

Let's divide the process into three phases:

  • Create the route.
  • Convert the Route to GPX
  • Download the file to the GPS

Create the Route

Step 1: Create a route on Google Maps.

Design a route on Google Maps in extremely simple.

Step1.1 Enter Origin and Destination: Enter the destination in the search bar and click on the blue “Directions” button. Then enter the origin and several route options will be generated automatically. I don't think it needs more explanation, just to say that you can add multiple intermediate destinations before the end point.

Step 1.2 Select the means of transport: In this step you will have to choose between vehicle, bicycle or on foot.

  • If you choose the option 'vehicle' Google will take you on asphalt, in this option it is essential to select the option 'Avoid Highways'.
  • If you choose the 'Bike' option, Google will try to take you on roads and low-traffic roads. This option is still in a very early stage and is not entirely reliable. This option also gives the elevation profile and slopes. Note: this option is not available on all maps.
  • If you choose the 'Pedestrian' option, it may take you the shortest way, since it is obvious that you will avoid motorways, although this depends on the location of the destination.

Step 2: Make changes to the route

Once you have the route generated you can make modifications to force it to pass through certain points. You can create modification points, to delete one that you have created you just have to click on it.

Step 3: Save the route

Once you have the route ready you will have to copy the complete web address that appears above (URL),  it is important  to keep that URL for the next phase of the process .

Convert the route to GPX

You can use any tool that supports the Google Maps API, such as


The process is very simple, you just have to copy the address of the route, paste it in the box and click on "Let's go".

This way you shouldn't have a problem downloading the track.

Download the file to the GPS

Once you have the downloaded file, it will be enough to download it to your GPS. For this you can copy it into the corresponding folder of the GPS.

File Extension Info

GPX Quick Info
  GPS Exchange Format
  application/gpx+xml   application/octet-stream
Opens with
  Trails App
  BackCountry Navigator App