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GPX to Google Maps

The GPX format comes from the conjunction of GPS eXchange and that is how it is usually known. It is a schema that uses XML files for GPS systems. Basically, it is what allows you to transfer data between your computer and a GPS device. Many people like to use Google Maps to view and edit their maps, but this site prefer KML as a native format. So how can you read and work your GPX files on Google Maps?

Step 1

Locate and download your GPX file from the GPS device to your computer.

Step 2

If you want you can use the GPX converter to convert your file to the KML format, although Google Maps supports the GPX format directly.

Step 2.1 Convert a GPX file to KML

To make sure that all the data in your file is correctly uploaded to Google, first convert it to Google's preferred format, KML.

You can convert GPX to KML using a variety of software, but the most convenient way is to use an online converter. GPS Visualizer is a very lightweight and free converter.

All you have to do is upload your GPX file and then select Google Maps as the output format. In seconds, you will have a KML file available.

Once your file has been converted, download it and follow the steps to upload a file to Google Maps as detailed above. This additional step will ensure that nothing is lost in uploading to Google.

Once your file is uploaded to Google Maps, you can share it and take whatever action you would normally do on Google Maps.

Step 3

Create a map in "My Maps" within Google Maps. On the left side of the editing window, click the "Import" button.

Step 4

Upload the GPX or KML file from the location where you saved it on your computer. Choose whether you want the uploaded file to replace everything on the current map or to just overlap it.

Step 5

View the data from your GPX file on the new map within Google Maps. If you wish, you can save the map by clicking "Save" on the left side of the editing window.

Once the data is loaded, you can make the edits you want to make and save them on your maps and then you can download those edits.

File Extension Info

GPX Quick Info
  GPS Exchange Format
  application/gpx+xml   application/octet-stream
Opens with
  Trails App
  BackCountry Navigator App