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What is GPX file?

GPX is the standard file extension for the exchange and storage of map and route data on GPS devices, smartphones and computers.

Thanks to the GPX format, the software or a device can read GPS data created on different computers guaranteeing compatibility. GPS devices and software developers can easily extend the GPX specification to accommodate new types of data, thus providing interoperability and compatibility with these types of files.

How can I open GPX file?

There are multiple applications available free and paid on the market which can open GPX file. You should use the one which suits you best. One of the good examples is Endomondo.

Are GPX files binary?

GPX files are based on XML file format and are essentially text files. It is possible to open and edit them with text editor but it is recommended to use one of the GPX compatible software packages.

File Extension Info

GPX Quick Info
  GPS Exchange Format
  application/gpx+xml   application/octet-stream
Opens with
  Trails App
  BackCountry Navigator App