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Export activity to GPX

Any experienced technician can read a GPX file manually using simple text editing programs; you don't need specialized software to decode the information.

You can access critical map information even if there is no specialized software or equipment available, since it is a plain text file, even containing XML tags. For example, a timestamp begins with the tag "" followed by the date and time, and the closing tag "" completes the data item.

The GPX specification accommodates any number of points indicating a route or path, so GPX files can be any size.

These files are self-contained, so their format requires only one file to contain all the information required by the software to describe a complete set of map data.

Export to GPX

Some applications for GPS use have the function of exporting to the GPX format, one of them, of the most popular is Strava.


Strava is an internet service that tracks human activities and exercises through GPS, incorporating social media features. It is used in Running, Cycling, Hiking, etc.

Strava and GPX

If you want to make a backup of your data or share a file captured with Strava, the application offers the option to "Export as GPX" regardless of the type of activity recorded.

The GPX files exported from Strava contain all the data for route, time, elevation, among other things.

You just have to go to one of your Activity pages and, from the menu, select "Export as GPX".

The file that is downloaded to your computer will have the extension GPX. This file will contain your GPS coordinates, timestamps, and data from other accessories such as heart rate, cadence, and temperature.

This file can be downloaded to your PC to share with other users or save for your records. Many other GPS programs will also accept this file format.

Massive export

Strava also allows bulk export of GPX files. To do this, you must log into your Strava session at from which you want to do a massive data export.

File Extension Info

GPX Quick Info
  GPS Exchange Format
  application/gpx+xml   application/octet-stream
Opens with
  Trails App
  BackCountry Navigator App